Sweet tooth


Hi everyone! Today I stopped by the Candy Shop because I have a secret obsession with macarons. To be more specific…pink macarons. Who doesn’t love pink?! Yummmmy! Macarons are very delicate with a soft and chewy bite. When the filling hits your taste buds, it’s such a bold/delicious flavor. Then you’re forced to take another bite. So good! What do you reach for when you have a sweet tooth?

In This Post:

Photo Taken at: Academy of Industry: Luxfero Brothers Candy
Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: High by Lamb (LuxeBox March 2017)
Top: Teddie Bear hoodie by Foxes (LuxeBox March 2017)
Skirt: Juniper mini skirt by Tres Blah (LuxeBox March 2017)
Shoes: Lunaria by #Empire (LuxeBox March 2017)
Companion: My little lamb by MishMish (LuxeBox March 2017)
Pose: Gift pack by MILA Poses


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