Starve your distractions…feed your focus

Starve your distractions...feed your focus

Hi everyone! Today I decided to share with you a motivational-ish¬†type photo. ūüôā ¬†I’m usually at the gym 5 days a week. However, sometimes I get distracted! Distracted by food…distracted by photo taking…distracted by life. So this is just a little reminder to keep focus and keep moving. It’s also a perfect time to show you this sports bra and panty set. This combo comes in 10 different colors with the option to make the material translucent. I hope everyone picks up this outfit and gets moving! xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: 39’16 by (red)Mint
Top: Sport wear bra by Dafnis
Bottoms: Sport wear panties by Dafnis
Pose: Portrait by Nanika 


Tropic like it’s hot

Tropic like it's hot

We don’t have much longer before summer will come to a end. I’m actually looking forward to it. This summer has been HOT!
I decided to spend my day walking around the beach and eating one maybe three popsicle. How did you spend your weekend? Are you looking forward to summer ending? xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Ambriel by Truth (June2017 VIP)
Top: We want summer by MOSSU
Shorts: Ripped denim by Villena
Glasses: Sunglasses by MOSSU
Tattoo: Mishia by Addicted to Ink (Twe12ve event Available until August 31st)
Photo taken at: Baja Sands 



“She is the untamed. She is the wild. She will come to you like a storm and the wash you of your fears. And then when she leaves, you will wonder how you ever hated the rain”

– Ariana Dancu –

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Jade by EMO-tions
Top: Barbie bandeau by Lyndy and Chains 
Bottom: Wild spirit by Belle Epoque
Tattoo: Untamed by Addicted to Ink (at Applique event until Sept. 6th)
Pose: #15 by BBD Poses
Photo taken at: Devin

Who were you before they broke your heart?

Who were you before they broke your heart?

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Sundowner by Tableau Vivant (Arcade June2017)
Top: Plastillicious crop shirt by Moon Amore (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Bottom: Plastilicious shorts by Moon Amore (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Shoes: Josie Bootie by NX-Nardcotix (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Necklace: SHS Bee’s “Smack It” by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Photo Booth: Tame Me by FoxCity
Pose: Plexi chair with pose by FoxCity

Ink Overdose

Ink Overdose

Your body is your temple, and you can decorate it however you like. People get tattoos for so many reasons…memorials, expressing themselves and their passions. Some people get them just because they are pretty. Whatever the reason–tattoos are art. Art is a great way to show your individuality. Be original! Express yourself! xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Elie by Truth Hair (VIP August2017)
Dress: Michelle dress by ISON (LuxeBox August2017) 
Shoes: Thunbergia by Empire (LuxeBox August2017) 
Tattoo: LoveSlave by Insanya 
Pose: #16 by ~BBD Poses~ 

Not in the mood

Not In the Mood

Yikes….cleaning day! Sometimes I’d rather pop open a beer. Before I do that, I wanted to show you this really adorable tank made by Dafnis. It’s super cute for a lazy/casual/cleaning day. ūüôā ¬†It comes in so many colors and one pattern. I’m keeping the pattern a secret. Go by Dafnis and pick up this tank and let everyone know the secret pattern below. Well these dishes won’t wash themselves. xoxo Talk to you soon.

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Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Janiah by Elikatira (FaMESHed August2017)
Top: CBB43 Carola by Dafnis
Bottoms: Badgirl panties by Etchaflesh 
Bubbles by Persefona 

‚ô•Live Life Unscripted…Get Lost Sometimes‚ô•

‚ô•Live Life Unscripted...Get Lost Sometimes‚ô•

Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself.¬†‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• While getting lost, I found my way to All About and found this cute attire. This outfit comes with a black v-neck top and a pair of shorts in 8 colors and patterns. You can pair the top or shorts with other clothes in your current collection as well. Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but one of the patterns is a cute zebra print :O xoxo

Taxi to All About

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Margarita by Truth Hair
Top: Kiellan shirt by All About
Bottoms: Kiellan shorts by All About
Accessories: Kitty ears by Rebel Hope
Floating feathers by Persefona