Who were you before they broke your heart?

Who were you before they broke your heart?

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Sundowner by Tableau Vivant (Arcade June2017)
Top: Plastillicious crop shirt by Moon Amore (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Bottom: Plastilicious shorts by Moon Amore (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Shoes: Josie Bootie by NX-Nardcotix (Collabor88 August2017) OPEN NOW
Necklace: SHS Bee’s “Smack It” by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Photo Booth: Tame Me by FoxCity
Pose: Plexi chair with pose by FoxCity

Ink Overdose

Ink Overdose

Your body is your temple, and you can decorate it however you like. People get tattoos for so many reasons…memorials, expressing themselves and their passions. Some people get them just because they are pretty. Whatever the reason–tattoos are art. Art is a great way to show your individuality. Be original! Express yourself! xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Elie by Truth Hair (VIP August2017)
Dress: Michelle dress by ISON (LuxeBox August2017) 
Shoes: Thunbergia by Empire (LuxeBox August2017) 
Tattoo: LoveSlave by Insanya 
Pose: #16 by ~BBD Poses~ 

♥Live Life Unscripted…Get Lost Sometimes♥

♥Live Life Unscripted...Get Lost Sometimes♥

Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself. ♥♥♥ While getting lost, I found my way to All About and found this cute attire. This outfit comes with a black v-neck top and a pair of shorts in 8 colors and patterns. You can pair the top or shorts with other clothes in your current collection as well. Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but one of the patterns is a cute zebra print :O xoxo

Taxi to All About

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Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Margarita by Truth Hair
Top: Kiellan shirt by All About
Bottoms: Kiellan shorts by All About
Accessories: Kitty ears by Rebel Hope
Floating feathers by Persefona

Where can I run?

Where can I run?

Hi everyone! I’ve been playing around and trying to create my own poses. I wanted to shoot a picture using one of them. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this for a while. I’m loving it. The possibilities are just endless. Just a quick hello. I hope all of you are doing great. xoxo

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: G0511 by Tram
Dress: Elle tank dress by Foxes (LuxeBox May2017)
Shoes: Sophia heels by Tetra
Sign: You are nowhere by Milk Motion (The Arcade June 2017)

That’s how I roll

That's how I roll

Let’s go bowling! I will be the first to admit…I’m no good at bowling. This is embarrassing but the highest I’ve ever scored is around 25. :O *Hides my face in shame* But it was my first and only time so, maybe I need to try again before I’m considered a horrible bowler. On a better note, I think I picked a cute outfit to go bowling in. See you in the alley! xoxo

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Underground by Moon (LuxeBox July2017)
Outfit: SHS Bee’s Swimsuit RARE by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Shoes: Superstar Original II RARE by NOeditON (Epiphany July2017)
Hat: SHS Bee Visor by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Necklace: SHS Bee’s Necklace Feelin Myself by Miss Chelsea(Epiphany July2017)
Earrings: SHS Bee’s Earrings by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Pose: #13 by BBD Poses

Bootleg & Chill?

Bootleg & Chill?

Who is up for a movie night? 🙂 Come by and see me! We have a special going on right now, buy 3 movies for $5! :0 Great deal! I wanted to stop hustling for a minute so that I could show you this cute outfit. I’ve been looking for a fringe top this summer and found the perfect one at Dafnis. It comes in so many colors. Of course…we have to talk about this fedora by *ARGRACE*! I love the texture of it! Every hair color comes with a hud for the fedora in 5 colors/styles. Now everyone….run to Ironwood Hills and pick up some movies! xoxo

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Chloe by *ARGRACE*
Top: Fringe top CBB62 by Dafnis 
Bottoms: Distressed skirt by Blueberry

Photo taken at: Ironwood Hills (Lost Boys) 

➳➳ find your way

➳➳➳find your way

Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you all this bikini. Isn’t the crochet texture perfect? I have this bikini in four colors. It is available now at Epiphany in Reigns gacha machine. We can’t forget these sandals. There are two Rare sandals by Reign this round and it’s easy to see why. They are adorable. Perfect for this boho chic vibe that I have going on. What is your favorite thing at Epiphany this round? Also…I cannot take credit for any of the gacha luck. Thank you Clownie xoxo

Taxi to Epiphany 

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Caprice by Tableau Vivant
Top: Crochet Bikini top #8 by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Bottoms: Crochet Bikini bottoms #8 by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Shoes: Summertime happiness sandals #1 RARE by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Hair Accessories: Head band bead & feather by Let it bead
Tattoo:  Diwali by Letis Tattoo
Props: Emma teepee by Tarte (LuxeBox April 2017)
Photo taken at: Binemust