Be like snow…beautiful but cold

Be like snow...beautiful but cold

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Elegia by Dafnis
Jacket: Foxy jacket & bra by Foxes (LuxeBox Oct.2016)


Catching Snowflakes

Catching Snowflakes

Okay, okay…maybe it isn’t snowing outside yet. ūüôā I have no patience y’all! However, I’m planning ahead and found the cutest outfit for everyone to wear this winter. I have everything listed below but I wanted to highlight a couple of things. All About just released this cute distressed skirt. It comes in various denim colors. you have your eye on the deer septum ring I’m wearing? If so, Paper Doll’s will be at Shiny Shabby on Nov. 20th with this perfect winter accessory. Go grab it! xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Winter Song by Clawtooth
Jacket: Charlize biker jacket by Addams
Top: Romantic came by Foxes (Luxe Box Feb.2017)
Skirt: Rania distressed skirt by all About 
Tights: Cozy tights by Izzie’s
Accessories: Arrows necklace by Izzie’s
Knotted shimmer pearls by Maxi Gossamer 
Piercing: Deer Septum by Paper Doll’s @ Shiny Shabby Nov. 20th

Ink Overdose

Ink Overdose

Your body is your temple, and you can decorate it however you like. People get tattoos for so many reasons…memorials, expressing themselves and their passions. Some people get them just because they are pretty. Whatever the reason–tattoos are art. Art is a great way to show your individuality. Be original! Express yourself! xoxo

Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Elie by Truth Hair (VIP August2017)
Dress: Michelle dress by ISON (LuxeBox August2017) 
Shoes: Thunbergia by Empire (LuxeBox August2017) 
Tattoo: LoveSlave by Insanya 
Pose: #16 by ~BBD Poses~ 

That’s how I roll

That's how I roll

Let’s go bowling! I will be the first to admit…I’m no good at bowling. This is embarrassing but the highest I’ve ever scored is around 25. :O *Hides my face in shame* But it was my first and only time so, maybe I need to try again before I’m considered a horrible bowler.¬†On a better note, I think I picked a cute outfit to go bowling in. See you in the alley! xoxo

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Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Underground by Moon (LuxeBox July2017)
Outfit: SHS Bee’s Swimsuit RARE by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Shoes: Superstar Original II RARE by NOeditON (Epiphany July2017)
Hat: SHS Bee Visor by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Necklace: SHS Bee’s Necklace Feelin Myself by Miss Chelsea(Epiphany July2017)
Earrings: SHS Bee’s Earrings by Miss Chelsea (Epiphany July2017)
Pose: #13 by BBD Poses

‚ě≥‚ě≥ find your way

‚ě≥‚ě≥‚ě≥find your way

Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you all this bikini. Isn’t the crochet texture perfect? I have this bikini in four colors. It is available now at Epiphany in Reigns gacha machine. We can’t forget these sandals. There are two Rare sandals by Reign this round and it’s easy to see why. They are adorable. Perfect for this boho chic vibe that I have going on. What is your favorite thing at Epiphany this round? Also…I cannot take credit for any of the gacha luck. Thank you Clownie xoxo

Taxi to Epiphany 

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Mesh Head: Catya by Catwa
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Caprice by Tableau Vivant
Top: Crochet Bikini top #8 by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Bottoms: Crochet Bikini bottoms #8 by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Shoes: Summertime happiness sandals #1 RARE by Reign (Epiphany July 2017)
Hair Accessories: Head band bead & feather by Let it bead
Tattoo:  Diwali by Letis Tattoo
Props: Emma teepee by Tarte (LuxeBox April 2017)
Photo taken at: Binemust

this better have a happy-end…

this better have a happy-end...

Spending the entire day being lazy is great. However, spending the entire day in your PJs with someone as cute and sweet as Clownie……is even better! My entire room is decorated in items from Deco(c)rate, LuxeBox, and a few gachas. Clownie loved my cuteness¬† oops, I mean, my¬†room decor so much that he had to take plenty of selfies in here! I love getting my Deco(c)rate & LuxeBox every month. I can mix & match, change my decor, and decorate every room in the house. What is your favorite subscription box? xoxo Time for me to see how my day will end with him.¬†Click here to check out Clownies Flickr

Click here to sign up for Deco(c)rate
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Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Ximena by Truth Hair
Sleep Mask: Dreams by Luas
Top: Slumber party tank by Tres Blah
Socks: Slumber party socks by Tres Blah 
Pose: Couple 74 by Focus Poses

Worn by Clownie

Mesh Head: TBD
Body: TBD
Hair: TBD
Bottoms: TBD
Shoes: TBD

Di’cor Simone Chair Deco(c)rate
Cosmic Dust Missing you cork RARE
Serenity Style Bohemian table Deco(c)rate
Revival Nordic lightbulb Deco(c)rate
Floorplan wall tapestry/Ecliptique
Tarte upcycled pallet bed LuxeBox 
Tres Blah Slumber party pillows COMMON
Mish Mish Corgi Puppy LuxeBox
Serenity Style Inspired Space Set Deco(c)rate
Vegabond Mojave PomPom Rug Deco(c)rate

Sweet tooth


Hi everyone! Today I stopped by the Candy Shop because I have a¬†secret obsession with macarons. To be more specific…pink macarons. Who doesn’t love pink?! Yummmmy! Macarons are very delicate with a soft and chewy bite. When the filling hits your taste buds, it’s such a bold/delicious flavor. Then you’re forced to take another bite. So good! What do you reach for when you have a sweet tooth?

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Photo Taken at: Academy of Industry: Luxfero Brothers Candy
Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: High by Lamb (LuxeBox March 2017)
Top: Teddie Bear hoodie by Foxes (LuxeBox March 2017)
Skirt: Juniper mini skirt by Tres Blah (LuxeBox March 2017)
Shoes: Lunaria by #Empire (LuxeBox March 2017)
Companion: My little lamb by MishMish (LuxeBox March 2017)
Pose: Gift pack by MILA Poses

Luxe Box


Just in case you haven’t heard of LuxeBox, let me tell you a little about it. Every month from the 1st-14th you can join the Luxe Box group for 1500L. On the 15th, you receive your Luxe Box through a group notice. Attach the HUD and receive 12 semi-exclusive items from several brands. If you missed joining the group it will still be available but at a higher price. I love getting my box. I am always happy with the items. The designers are all amazing! I encourage everyone to check it out. It is so worth 1500L! Are there any subscription boxes you think I would love?
Visit Luxe Box In-world here LuxeBox
Check out Luxe Box website:


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Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Mouth by Moon (LuxeBox Jan2017)
Top: Choker Knit Top by Stories&Co. (LuxeBox Jan2017)
Skirt: Front Zipper Skirt by ISON (LuxeBox Jan2017)
Boots: Alchemilla by Empire (LuxeBox Jan 2017)
Puppies: Corgi Puppy by MishMish (LuxeBox Jan2017)
Day Bed: Aria Daybed by Tarte (LuxeBox Jan2017)
Photo Taken in: Catskill Lodge by Scarlet Creative (LuxeBox Jan2017)