Cute Dress = Cocktail Night

Hi everyone! I went shopping and I had to show you all what I got. This dress is just my style…flowy, silky, and with just a hint of sparkle! Tres Blah was right on point with this one! I put it on and immediately felt like going to have a cocktail or two. If you don’t like pink as much I do…they have several colors to choose from. Do you have a favorite cocktail dress? I would love to hear your suggestions. My drink is waiting for me…talk you you soon!


In This Post:

Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Anatra by Moon (LuxeBox Feb. 2017)
Dress: LuLu Dress by Tres Blah
Booties: Virginia by #Empire (LuxeBox Feb. 2017)
Photo Taken at: Addicted Paparazzo Lounge

Love in the rain


Love in the rain! Just you and him! Not a care in the world…the beautiful smell and soaking wet clothes. I found the perfect pose for this day by [Kikay] Poses, it is called “Make a Wish.”

So ladies pull your man outside…go play, go dance, and never forget to have fun together! If anyone is curious about the handsome man in this photo, meet Joss Sour you should all go check out his beautiful photos. Thank you Joss for playing in the rain with me!

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Lyric by Truth Hair
Dress: Smitten Outfit by Tres Blah (LuxeBox Jan.2017)
Boots: Mesh rain boots by Addams
Pose: Make a wish by [Kikay] Poses
In this photo: Joss Sour Blog    Joss Sour Flickr

Resolutions & Exercise


While at Collabor88 this month, it was easy to notice the theme. LET’S GET MOVING! I love doing yoga but my new year resolution is to include a variety to my workouts. So this year…I’m going to use that treadmill & those weights at my gym. I really am! All year long…promise 🙂   Back to Collabor88–the designers really stepped it up this month. The workout gear is beautifully made. They also have a few updo hairstyles so you can keep it out of your face when you start to sweat! Ever wanted to be a ballerina? This months designers have you covered, including a gorgeous ballet studio by Soy! You should all go check it out. If you aren’t into workout gear…they have lots of other stuff as well. Who was your favorite designer this month?


In This Post:

Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Ximena by Truth
Top: Bib tank top by Tres Blah (Collabor88 Jan2017)
Bottoms: Scrunched Sweats by Tres Blah (Collabor88 Jan2017)
Shoes: Sabrina sneakers by -ILLI-
Photos taken at: Alpha Gym

Strike a Pose♥

Hi everyone! As some of you know, I have no significant other in SL. What can I say y’all?! He is out there somewhere. However, I came across a cute couple pose on MP while I was doing a little browsing. I decided to get it and try it out.

So I asked my friend, Sean, for a little help. He was a great sport! He sat there and sat there some more (nearly falling asleep) while I tried to move everything around and get the perfect picture. Thank you Sean!!


This pose is too cute. I found it at Focus Poses. The french bulldog and cellphone are included.


I decided to try the pose by myself…with a “not so” mad look on my face! I love it. Let me know what you think! Who makes your favorite poses?

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hair: Junia & Ximena by Truth
Robe: Closed Robe (Bouquet) by Tres Blah
Pose: Couple 13 by Focus Poses